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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2012 12:16PM PDT

We want to create the best music experience for you on MySpace. With millions of songs to choose from, create your playlists and navigate Myspace at the same time. Our new Music Player will allow you to:

  • Discover new music with improved search and similar song recommendations
  • Queue up the music player in a new window to run in the background to listen while browsing
  • Save a playlist to enjoy at a later time
  • Switch to Myspace Radio Mode
  • Share the music you play with your Facebook friends
  • Buy the songs playing on the player

If you run into any errors while using the Music Player, try refreshing your page or close it and reload it from scratch

Songs can be added to the Queue as you wish and can be done by following these steps:

  1. Hover over the play button on any song on (or by selecting the Play button, it will automatically begin playing and appear in the queue)
  2. Select the option Add To Queue or Play Next to add the song into the Music Player queue
    • By selecting Add to Queue, the song will be added to the bottom of your queue
    • By selecting Play Next, the song will be added to the queue to play after the current song finishes (or second within your queue if you don't immediately have a song playing)
  3. In the Music Player window, select the song and press Play
    • Within the queue, you can drag and drop the songs to change their play order
    • You can also turn on Shuffle mode to randomize your song play order
    • To remove a song from your queue, simply hover over the song within the queue and select the X that appears to the right of the song
    • If you want to empty your queue, you can do so by selecting the Clear button and approve the confirmation prompt that appears

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How to Create or Save a Playlist

  1. Click on My Stuff or Artist (in the top navigation bar) and click Playlists
  2. Create a Playlist by clicking Add New Playlist on the left, in the Playlists section, or you can drag a song to Add New Playlist and a new playlist will be created for you with the song you just selected.
  3. Use the search box in the middle of the page to search for music by artist name, song, or album.
  4. When you find a song you like, click the play (play song) icon to listen, or click and drag it to a new or existing playlist.
  5. By default, any new playlist will be visible on your public profile.

Adding a Song to an Existing Playlist

Missing Add Song to Playlist Image Missing Add Song to Myspace Image
  1. Add songs from the player to a playlist by hovering to the right of a song and selecting "+"

How to Remove Songs From a Playlist

  1. Click on My Stuff or Artist if you have an Artist profile (in the top navigation bar) and click Playlists
  2. Click the playlist on the left that you want to edit
  3. Hover over the song you want to delete
  4. Click the delete button button (to the extreme right of the song) and you're done!

How to make a playlist private

  1. Click on My Stuff or Artist (in the top navigation bar) and click Playlists
  2. Click the playlist you want to make private from the Playlists section (on the left)
  3. Click the Make Private link in the middle of the page (under the playlist info), and you are done

Notes & Tips
  • You can't make your main profile playlist private
  • To make a playlist public again, just click on the Make Public link

Radio Mode

We added the Radio Mode to the Myspace Music Player to make your music experience on Myspace even better. With millions of songs available, you can now just lean back and listen to music without having to keep adding additional songs to your playlist, if you don't choose to.

    To access Radio Mode:
  1. Open your music player and click on Switch to Radio
  2. You can easily switch back to your playlist by clicking on Exit Radio


Another great advantage this feature offers is after you have listened to your last song in your playlist, the music player switches automatically to Radio Mode. You can just keep listening to music. Right now the genre is populated based on the last song you played in your playlist. Myspace Radio allows you to easily discover new songs and bands you may love.



While listening to Myspace Radio you can:

  • Add the song that is playing to your playlist (click on the artist name and click on add)
  • Buy the song that is playing by clicking the buy button
  • Run a search for your favorite songs available on Myspace
  • Enjoy private browsing by turning off the Music option off in your Activity Stream settings

Notes & Tips
  • When you have Shuffle turned on, you won't enter Radio mode
  • There is no option to manually add or remove songs from Myspace Radio
  • If you have the player open wide enough and at least one song in your queue, the right rail will display up to 8 related artist stations in the Similar Music
  • To start Genre Radio, click on the Radio Stations button while in one of the other 2 radio modes to get a list of genre stations - Or, if you clear your queue, you will see a list of genre stations in place of an empty queue
  • The New Music Player has discontinued music from auto starting on profiles
  • Click here if your music player doesn't play
  • You can now sign in to your Myspace profile from the player using Facebook Connect
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