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Promoting your Myspace Artist profile

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2013 04:09PM PDT

Before you even start thinking about promoting your music, your artist profile should follow the Artist To-Do commandments. Afterall, that is where you will have your latest music and information about yourself as an artist or your band. If you've got that taken care of, read below and learn about a few ways to start promiting your music and artist profile

Artist Radio link on the Web

With the addition of Myspace Radio Mode, every Artist on Myspace now has a Radio button at the top of their Myspace profile. The Artist Radio opens up the music player and then starts playing songs associated to your profile in a random order, either manually uploaded or digitally distributed. Sharing your Artist Radio with the rest of the the web couldn't be any easier. Just add /radio to the end of your Myspace URL. So, for example, if you want to listen to Zomby's Artist Radio, just enter into your browser, or share the link to your fans on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way for showcasing your music to potential fans, record labels, and whoever else you'd want to check out your music. If you're worried about the 140 character limit of your tweet, don't worry, Twitter automatically shortens your long links so you can tweet within the 140 character limit.


Get your friends & fans to Connect their Facebook with their Myspace

Once your friends have their Myspace and Facebook profiles synced, you'll want them to play your songs which will show up on their Facebook ticker and timeline. This also works with your musician friends who most likely have great taste in music, if they listen to your music while connected to Facebook then chances are their fans will want to check out what they're listening to as well. This creates a viral effect that spreads through Facebook which can reach just about anyone in the world. To start getting connected, visit the guide page here and to find more information about it, visit the article page here.


Sync your with your Myspace

Artists like communicating to their fans using social network platforms Twitter and Facebook. Instead of them having to log in to each account, just sync them with your Myspace. You can set your updates from other social networks to show up on your Myspace stream, vice versa or both. Share news about your band on Twitter and reach your fans on Myspace. It's a win- win situation for the artist and it's an example of a common marketing term, cross promotion. To learn how to sync accounts, click here.

Other examples of promoting are:

  • Share Individual Songs from your profile to other networks like Twitter & Digg by using the Share button
  • Leave comments and messages to fans to stay engaged
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