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Spam Blocked

Last Updated: May 11, 2012 09:38AM PDT


Check your Home Page and if you see a banner saying "Your account has been blocked," it was due to suspicious spam behavior. Selecting Unblock it will unblock your account.


Myspace currently has systems set up to deter and prevent spam from being sent on the site. Your actions were flagged by our system and you are now required to fill out a captcha before you can continue. Please be aware that this may continue to happen if you continue with your actions that led you to being flagged by our system.

This process is automated and dynamic and will not delete your account; however, if your account is in violation of our Terms of Use, it can be deleted at any time. All accounts are subject to this system and we cannot turn the feature on or off for any individual. For security reasons, we are unable to disclose specific details regarding calculation of spam metrics or the inner workings of our spam fighting systems.


Notes & Tips

  • Be sure to login and use an up-to-date version of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer when you are solving the captcha. If you are using an out of date browser, such as Internet Explorer 7, you may not be able to un-lock yourself
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