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Last Updated: Jul 09, 2012 11:30AM PDT

Posting a blog is ideal for documenting your experiences, observations and opinions. Blogs allow you to express your deep rotted passion for music, entertainment or simply use as a public diary. You can post blogs for personal expression or browse blogs posted by others.

How to:

Post a Blog

  1. Click My Stuff or Artist (in the upper navigation bar) and select Blog, or if you are on your Blog page simply click New blog post (Under your blog page title, User Name's Blog)
  2. In New Blog page add a Subject or title for your blog post
  3. Start writing (you can also add photos, videos, change font, color)
  4. Click Preview to review what your post will look like prior to posting
  5. Click Post when ready to publish

Notes & Tips
  • Select the category drop down if you choose to categorize your blog posts

Edit Your Blog Post

  1. Go to the specific blog you want to edit
  2. Under the comments, to the right of Views select edit

Notes & Tips
  • By editing you're blog the date will automatically update to the current date. It will not reflect the original date the blog was created.

Delete a Blog Post

  1. Go to the specific blog you want to delete
  2. Hover over the blog and click the X in the upper right
  3. Click Remove (in the pop up)

Only Allow Friends to Comment on Your Blog Posts

If your blog is public and you want to limit who may leave comments, update your privacy settings

  1. Click My Stuff or Artist (in the upper navigation bar) and select Privacy Settings
  2. On the left hand side of the new screen, select Comments under Messaging Settings
  3. Check the box for Only Friends can add comments to my blog
  4. Select Save Changes

Notes & Tips
  • If you want to delete a comment posted on your blog posts hover over the comment you want to delete, click the X on the right of the comment

Discover the Most Popular Blogs

  1. Go to to visit your blog control center
  2. Click Most Popular Blogs
  3. A list of blogs will appear, click on a blog you would like to read
  4. If you like the blog, click the Follow link toward the top of the blog
Notes & Tips
  • You can view top blogs based on category or use the search feature to search for various blogs based on keywords

Follow Blog

  1. Visit the blog page for a friend, favorite band, movie star, cause, etc.
  2. Select the Follow link at the top of the blog; this will add the users blog posts to a list of blogs you are following under mange blogs

Notes & Tips
  • If you don’t see the follow button, you may see the option to subscribe to the blog. Both follow and subscribe have the same functionalities
  • Not all blogs will have the Follow link; if they don't have it, you can't follow or subscribe to it

Unfollow Blog

  1. Click here to visit your blog control center. A list of blogs you are following will appear
  2. Click on a blog post belonging to the person you wish to unfollow
  3. Select the Unfollow link at the top of the blog. By selecting Unfollow, this will remove the users blog posts from appearing under manage blogs
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