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New Music on Your Artist Profile

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2013 04:09PM PDT


If you noticed new content on the Music page of your profile, you’re not dreaming. Myspace Music recently identified audio content belonging to you, and associated that material with your profile. We’ve partnered with your distributor in order to create one of the largest online catalogs of playable and purchasable music on the internet, and didn’t want your music left behind. All of your musical content can be located within the Music tab located on your profile under your main photo. In addition you should see the following features:

  • If your albums are currently available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon, they can now be purchased right from Myspace via links to Amazon, iTunes, or both
  • Each track corresponding to an album will also be available for purchase individually. In some cases, fans will only be able to buy the song as a bundle with the album and not the individual song itself
  • For any album with proper streaming rights, all songs will be available to Myspace users to add to playlists or to playback directly from the Music page
  • All plays generated for songs associated with your albums will add to your total play count on your profile player, and will register in your Artist Stats
  • Your profile is now designated as Verfied in Myspace Music searches, with the Verified badge appearing next to your profile’s display name. This helps boost your profile towards the top of search results for your artist name, and will also help to surface more of your content in searches.
  • Check it out, and make sure we matched everything up correctly. Read more about incorrect albums on your artist profile.
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